Let Stones Talk - Memories

by Hasiok Records

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released October 5, 2015



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Hasiok Records Berlin, Germany

D.I.Y hardcore punk record label from Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Motłoch
motloch [mob]
mob isn't a crowd
they are only individual's
which warped philosophy of life
which are easy to control
if they'll be shoot down
it wouldn't change anything
i'll also have to kill myself
don't take me wrong
i'm not a fascist
after all i'm not perfect
everyone of us have a long way for it
because everyone of us is oscillating
on the edge of good and evil
Track Name: Codzienność
Codziennosc [ordinariness]
lonelines, fear, rebelion, hypocrisy
scream inside the night, another murder
anxiety, fear, silence
scream inside, the night, another rape
pain, pain, panic
making choises
disquaiet, anxiety, fesr
trampling out feelings all the time
destructive ordinaries
Track Name: Stróże Ładu i Harmonii
stroze ladu i harmonii [guardions of the order an harmony]
everywhere are the same ways when you thinking different
surrounded by the band of fascist
who are trying to suppress our activity
do you still belive they are for
our protection? no, no!
they protect rich against poor
politicians with their lies
protects them but never us
no collaboration with fascist
alla nd all we've to do anything alone
they're here to protect state not a citizen
the state machine is steering our moves
want's to total control u with their help
mayby thanks to them you feel safe
late evening somewhere in your city
we'll see what you say when you'll be written
and durring your resistance you'll be kicking by
the guardions of the order an harmony
Track Name: Labolatoryjne Zwierzęta
labolatoryjne zwierzęta [laboratory animals]
Rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys or mice
Suffering for human vanity
Tormented, wounded animals
Suffering for human stupidity
How many of them will die this way
In cosmetic companies? labs?
Why are wemore humane for overselves?
The harmfulness of beautiful scents for beautiful men is tested on them
New shades of new eye shadows for beautiful ladies
Are tested on them
Poor, defenceless animals are killed in great torment in terrible tortures
Track Name: Kreatura Psychiczna
kreatura psychiczna [the mentan creature]
wa are all the mental creature
in the abyss of personality is hidding our abnormaility
Track Name: Droga Do Zbawienia
droga do zbawienuia [salvation way]
i need a space
i want to get out
scream of my soul
more freedom
still this same
clownish slogans
that in tentes
i have to belive
the voices from every side
calling to worthy life
a life of catholic
brothers make your sins smaller with a prayer
while kissing pop's ring
biggersacrafice will open new way
to god
bulid a bigger temples
false lieutanant needs
more wealth
how long can't i be
square with me
my own thoughts are screaming
i couldn't decide of anything
i'm anointed
against my free will
rotten society
stiull more and more
stops my evolution
it is destruction
i'm slowly waking my hate to an enemy
i'm drowning in fate of concept
destroying in my head
your sick perfections
i'm free being
disgrace of your shitty society
one moment only
and became
Track Name: Maski
maski [masks]
i'm victim of my times
i was created trite
and i'm trying to change myself
but those masks which covering my face
are so beautiful and interesting
is that i shame my ordinarily?
And how to describe what's is ordinarily
all of this doesn't matter who do you imitate, who do you are
it's only cover, a shape which can be changed until you'll be weary
important is what do you think
important is your ego
no, this is not the most important
the most important is can yoiu come understand with your ego
can you be like it tells you
i can't
Track Name: Jesteśmy / Nie Sprzedam Się
jestesmy/nie sprzedam się [we are/i do not sell]
jestesmy artystami zniszczenia poddani procesowi obrobki
nasze destrukcyjne umysly zapanowaly nad swiatem
nie, nie sprzedam sie,
krzyknął ktoś z tłumu,
ktoś, komu oprócz tłowia
została jedna ręka i pół nogi,
reszta wisi na scianie
w muzeum wymarłych cywilizacji
Track Name: Grzyb
grzyb [mushroom cloud]
grzyb na horyzoncie
lufa w moja strone
wszystko rozpierdolone